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About Us

Naturesville is an organic consumer product brand developed by Sparkle Cube, Inc. a Charlotte-based startup. Naturesville's mission is to promote a natural lifestyle with the introduction of plant-based, holistic, vegan products that your body will thank you for.


The Naturesville Story

Abdu Tarabichi, the founder of Naturesville had worked for several big name corporations in the US for many years. Dissatisfied with the snack options available at the business vending machines, Tarabichi knew there should be a more "quality" way of snacking.  With a background in ecommerce and web development, Abdu was able to pull together a website that allows office workers in Charlotte, NC to order snacks through a virtual vending machine and have it delivered within the hour. The venture was named "".  Today, Naturesville is building products that can be shipped nationwide, thus reaching a much broader audience. With the surge in demand for plant-based and vegan products in the US, Naturesville has been keen to catering to the evergrowing needs of it's customers.


The Naturesville Culture

From the logo to the marketing material that we produce, a lot has gone into defining the true brand culture of Naturesville. We steer away from using colors in our print, whether it's product packaging or brochures. Our logo is colored plain black and is composed from a simple hand-written font. Our products are similar in nature with our no-colors, no-fillers policy. Our packaging is made from recycled material, and our print-outs utilize sustainable natural kraft paper.